Cycling Summits

Cycling Summits are events where we get together to discuss how we can improve cycling in and around the Region.

We’re excited to announce that the P-BAC Cycling Summit is returning after a long hiatus in April 2024!

On October 4th, 2014, P-BAC held the 4th annual Peterborough and the Kawarthas Cycling Summit and first-ever Peterborough Youth Bike Summit.

All photography © Evan Holt.

City Cycling Infrastructure Project Prioritization

To support the City as they seek to implement the cycling infrastructure projects outlined in the recently approved Comprehensive Transportation Plan, participants were asked to indicate the three projects they would prioritize in the next 5 years.

• To view the results from this activity, click here.

• To view a map of the proposed projects,click here (for the accompanying list of project descriptions, click here).

County Cycling Infrastructure Project Prioritization

The County of Peterborough is presently reviewing their Transportation Master Plan. To support the identification of potential cycling infrastructure projects, participants were asked to indicate the location of three problem or priority areas within the county.

• To view the results from this activity, click here.

County Cycling Policy Prioritization

As part of the Transportation Master Plan review, the County has developed a number of policy alternatives to support active transportation, including cycling. Participants were asked to indicated their top policy priorities. To view the results of this activity, click here.


The County has encouraged local-area cyclists to provide feedback on their Transportation Master Plan recommendations. Representatives for the County have indicated that very few comments related to cycling have been received thus far. Public input into this process can help to shape cycling infrastructure for years to come. Click here to download the latest Public Information Centre display boards, outlining elements of the proposed plan revisions – to download the comment form, click here.