About P-BAC

Mission and Goals


Our Mission:

To foster a culture of cycling in Peterborough city and county.


To advocate for cyclists

To promote understanding and mutual respect between all road users

To advocate for and advise on inclusive cycling infrastructure

To promote greater access to recreational cycling opportunities on lands, roads, trails

To promote Peterborough and its surrounding areas as a tourist destination for cyclists

To promote cycling as a means of improving individual and community health and well-being

To encourage cycling as a means of transportation

To support cycling-related education

P-BAC Board

P-BAC’s activities are organized through a board of directors comprised of representatives from stakeholder organizations across the City and County as well as individual citizen volunteers.

2022 PBAC Board of Directors


Susan Sauvé
Community Member, Retired TDM Planner, City of Peterborough

Vice Chair
Peter Laurie
Professor, School of the arts and Sciences, Fleming

Jean Greig
Program Coordinator, B!KE

Lindsay Stroud
TDM Planner, City of Peterborough

Board Members

Chad Pinto
Community member

Harry Prentice
Peterborough Cycling Club Representative

Kieran Andrews
Retailer Wild Rock

Marilyn Freeman
Community member

Ness Pringle
Trent University student

Richard Scott
Community member

Tim Hadfield
Shimano Canada

You can contact the board by email.


P-BAC is thankful for the support of the following groups: